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If you are facing charges related to domestic violence, trust the compassionate and experienced legal team at Patrick Wilson Law to be your dedicated allies.

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Understanding Domestic Violence:An Overview

Domestic violence charges can encompass a range of offenses occurring within relationships or households. It's crucial to comprehend the various aspects of domestic violence and the potential legal consequences. 

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Types of Domestic Violence Charges:

  • Assault: Physical harm or the threat of harm against a domestic partner. 
  • Battery: Intentional, harmful contact with a domestic partner. 
  • Stalking: Unwanted, obsessive attention causing fear or distress to a domestic partner.
  • Restraining Order Violations: Violating court-ordered restraining orders can lead to severe charges. 
  • Child Abuse: Abuse or neglect of children within a domestic setting. 
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Educational Information
Know Your Rights

Understanding your rights when facing domestic violence charges is crucial. Patrick Wilson Law provides valuable insights into the legal implications and potential consequences, empowering you during the legal process. 

Common Defenses:

  • Self-Defense: Demonstrating that actions were taken to protect oneself from harm. 
  • False Accusations: Challenging unfounded or malicious accusations.

Our Domestic Violence Defense Services 

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Comprehensive Consultation

Begin with a confidential consultation to discuss the details of your case. Our legal team will provide insights into potential defense strategies tailored to your situation.

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Thorough Case Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the evidence, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Our defense strategies are designed to address the unique aspects of domestic violence cases. 

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Courtroom Advocacy 

Trust Patrick Wilson Law to represent you effectively in court. Our attorneys have the expertise to navigate domestic violence proceedings and advocate for the best possible outcome. 

For Expert Domestic Violence Defense 

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