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Understanding Organized Criminal Activity: An Overview

Organized criminal activity involves coordinated efforts to commit criminal acts, requiring a complex knowledge of the legal intricacies. 

Types of Organized Criminal Activities: 

  • Racketeering: Practicing systematic criminal behavior, usually through an organized syndicate that involves extortion, bribery, and money laundering. 
  • Drug Trafficking: Organized attempts to produce, distribute, or sell the illicit drugs in bulk. 
  • Human Trafficking: The illegal transportation, housing, or coercion of individuals for forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. 
  • Money Laundering: Hiding the origins of the illegally obtained money through transfers, often involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.
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Educational Information
Know Your Rights

When facing charges for organized criminal activities, it is essential to understand your rights!

Common Defenses:

  • Insufficient Evidence: By contending that the prosecution does not have sufficient credible evidence to prove a pattern of organized criminal activity beyond a reasonable doubt. 
  • Lack of Criminal Enterprise: Arguing that the alleged activities failed to satisfy the prerequisites of what qualifies as an organized criminal enterprise. 

Our Organized Criminal Activity Defense Services

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Confidential Consultation

First, have a private consultation to discuss the details of your case. Our legal team will evaluate the evidence and offer observations concerning the possible defenses. 

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Strategic Defense Planning

We develop a strategic defense plan tailored to the specific circumstances of your case, addressing the nuances of drug laws.

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Courtroom Representation

Let Patrick Wilson Law defend you in a court of law. Our attorneys have the knowledge to fight for a favorable outcome.

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