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Understanding Violent Crimes: An Overview

Types of Violent Crimes:

  • Assault: Involves intentional threats or acts that cause apprehension of imminent harm or actual physical harm.
  • Robbery: The use of force or threat of force to take another person's property, often involving confrontation. 
  • Homicide: Unlawfully causing the death of another person, categorized into various degrees based on intent and circumstances.
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Educational Information
Know Your Rights

When facing allegations of violent crimes, you must be aware of your rights. 

Common Defenses:

  • Self-Defense: Arguing that using force was justified to protect oneself from imminent harm. 
  • Lack of Intent: Contending that there was no intent to commit the alleged violent acts, emphasizing the absence of malicious or criminal purpose. 
  • Mistaken Identity: Asserting that the accused was wrongly identified as the perpetrator, challenging the reliability of witness testimonies. 
  • Alibi: Presenting evidence that the accused was not at the scene of the crime at the time it occurred, establishing an alibi. 

Our Violent Crimes Defense Services 

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Customized Defense Strategies

We craft individualized defense strategies that consider the specific details of your case, leveraging our legal expertise to build a compelling defense tailored to your circumstances.

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Thorough Case Investigation

We comprehensively investigate the circumstances surrounding the alleged violent crime, identifying key evidence and potential weaknesses in the prosecution's case. 

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Courtroom Representation

Trust Patrick Wilson Law to represent you effectively in court. Our attorneys have the expertise to navigate violent crime proceedings and advocate for the best possible outcome.

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