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Seasoned Florida Probation Violation Attorneys at Your Service 

At Patrick Wilson Law, we recognize individuals' challenges when confronted with probation violations. Our legal team provides strategic defense to safeguard your rights and guide you through the intricate legal landscape of probation infractions. We approach each case with diligence, advocating for fair treatment and working towards achieving the best possible resolution.

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Understanding Probation Violations: An Overview 

A violation of probation occurs when an individual, under a probationary sentence, willfully and substantially fails to adhere to the specified terms and conditions mandated by the overseeing judge.

Types of Probation in Florida

Florida recognizes five types of probation: 

  • Straight Supervised Probation:

    Regular meetings with a probation officer and adherence to specified terms. 
  • Administrative Probation:

    No probation officer meetings required.
  • Community Control:

    Highly restrictive, with supervised custody, ankle monitoring, and curfews.
  • Sex Offender Probation:

    Direct supervision, with adherence to a sex offender treatment plan.
  • Expunging: 

    Strict supervision with random drug testing, following a drug treatment plan. 
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Empowering You: Know Your Rights 

Arm yourself with knowledge about your rights when facing probation violation allegations. Patrick Wilson Law provides valuable insights into the legal implications and potential consequences, empowering you throughout the process. 

  • Types of Probation in Florida:

    If probation conditions are breached, a violation of probation (VOP) occurs, exposing individuals to the maximum sentence for the original charge. Judges evaluate various factors, including the reason for the violation, probation officer recommendations, original charges, and criminal history when determining bond.

    While zero bonds are common, our attorneys represent clients in bond hearings, presenting testimony to secure release. These hearings don't permit arguments on original charges but require an experienced defense.
  • Strategic Defenses:

    • Intent Challenges: Demonstrating unintentional violations.
    • Procedural Oversight: Identifying mistakes in the probation process.
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Why Choose Our Defense Attorneys for Your Florida Probation Violation?

What happens when probation is violated in Florida? The stakes are high, and penalties can be severe. An accusation of a probation violation demands serious attention, as it could lead to prison time or an extended probation term if found guilty. Immediate consultation with a probation violation attorney is crucial.

At our firm, we strategize for optimal outcomes. This may involve taking the violation case to trial, completing community service, or finishing a treatment program. We aim to ensure you are thoroughly prepared before facing the judge. If you have a family member facing allegations, we conduct jail visits to discuss details and provide answers.

Consult a Probation Violation Attorney

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