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Unlocking Freedom: Sealing or Expunging Criminal Records

At Patrick Wilson Law, we understand the importance of having a clean record and the impact it can have on your future. Our legal team is here to provide expert guidance and assistance in sealing or expunging your criminal records. Whether seeking employment, housing, or a fresh start, we are committed to helping you navigate this legal journey.

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Why Seal or Expunge Your Criminal Records?

  • Employment Opportunities 

    Sealing or expunging your criminal records can significantly improve your chances of securing employment. Many employers conduct background checks, and a clean record enhances your marketability in the job market. 
  • Housing Applications

    Landlords often review applicants' criminal histories. Having a sealed or expunged record can make a positive difference in your housing applications.
  • Personal Freedom

    A sealed or expunged record allows you to move forward without the burden of past mistakes, providing a sense of personal freedom and a fresh start.
  • Sealing

    Sealing a record limits access to individuals or entities. While law enforcement may still have access, the information could be more visible to the public
  • Expunging

    Expunging a record goes further by physically destroying or erasing the records. This process provides the highest level of confidentiality, and the information is treated as if it never existed.
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Why Choose Patrick Wilson Law?

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Experienced Legal Team 

When individuals or entities are dissatisfied with a judgment or verdict in a trial court, they have the right to appeal, presenting arguments that the lower court made legal errors or misapplied the law.

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Personalized Consultation 

Initiate the process with a personalized consultation. We assess your situation, providing insights into the eligibility and requirements for sealing or expunging your criminal records.

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Advocacy for Your Future

At Patrick Wilson Law, we advocate for your future by helping you attain a clean slate. We are dedicated to ensuring that your past does not hinder future opportunities. 

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